Located in Huningue, in the heart of the Three-Borders area, Charles Groell - member of the Register of Osteopaths of France - offers treatment adapted to your pathology.

Osteopathy is a soft, manual therapy, it is effective in preventive use as well as in treatment, for people of all ages, from newborn to adult, from top athletes to the elderly.

The practitioner uses a large variety of therapeutic methods: structural, fascias, tissular, craniosacral, visceral... He chooses the most appropriate technique for each patient (depending on their needs, personality, age).


More than a job, a vocation

Charles Groell, DO Osteopath, graduated from CEESO Lyon (European Centre for Higher Education of Osteopathy) after studying 5 years. He is also specialized in sport and pediatric osteopathy.

Motivated by natural empathy, passionate by his job, the accuracy of his gestures, his professional skill, made Charles Groell a recognized and appreciated osteopath.

He ranks among his patients the Basel rugby team, international artists from the prestigious "Arlette Gruss" Circus, many dancers from the "Opera du Rhin" ...


The philosophy of Charles Groell's medical practice

By creating his own surgery, Charles Groell wanted to offer his patients a treatment in a place combining excellence, comfort and design.

The specificity of the surgery lies in the high quality of care but also in the choice of a quality and adapted environment.

Indeed, the medical practice has been designed and built to serve and promote the patient's well-being and also to help the practitioner's action. Charles Groell hopes to convey an image of contemporary, generous and open-minded osteopathy.


Huningue and the Three-Borders area

Charles Groell's medical practice is situated in a region rich in expertise, cultural crossroads between Germany, France and Switzerland, with a keen interest in contemporary art and ecologic design ...
The geographical location provides a proximity with various medical actors: general practitioners and specialists, medical imaging or physiotherapy centers.


Your appointment

Please call for an appointment:

T. 03 68 06 83 28
T. 06 18 11 87 21

The surgery is located at the foot of the Three-Country bridge that connects Huningue and Weil-am-Rhein.
You can park in the underground car park of the Abbatucci Square, close to the medical practice.



Charles Groell
DO Osteopath
10 rue de France
68333 Huningue

Consultations by appointment :
T. 03 68 06 83 28
T. 06 18 11 87 21